Are the association annual dues mandatory or voluntary?

Association annual dues are mandatory


What are the association’s mandatory dues?

The association's annual dues are $550.00


When are the mandatory dues payable?

Dues are paid annually on or before April 1st of each year


What period is covered by dues?

May – April (Association’s fiscal year)


Do annual dues include utilities for residents?

Annual dues do not include utilities for residents


What are the amenities in Annsbrooke?

Annsbrooke has tennis courts, an observation deck, pool, clubhouse and parking lot


Are there any current or pending special assessments owed?

Email for current information


Is the association self-managed or management company?



How large is the Annsbrooke community?

Annsbrooke has 111 residential homes


Are there any additional charges for purchasing home in Annsbrooke?

Initiation Fee is $275.00

Closing Letter Prep Fee is $50.00 


For additional inquiries or questions, please email